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Death Roll Finisher, Army Crawl, Burpee, Hill Sprint Finisher

Finished our Tough Mudder Training workout with 'death rolls', army crawls and hill sprints. These death rolls are much harder than they look and will leave you disorientated, but we want our team 100% ready for whatever Tough Mudder throws at them this year! @dangerouslyfit A video posted by Dangerously Fit (@dangerouslyfit) on Sep 26, 2016 at 12:34am PDT

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25 Toughest Tough Mudder Obstacles of All Time!

Want to know the toughest Tough Mudder obstacles of all time? We picked 25 of the most challenging obstacles you might encounter at this years Sydney Tough Mudder. 1. Twinkle Toes Use your balancing skill to the next level! In this obstacle, you are required to cross a narrow piece of wood placed above an icy water surface.

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NEW Sydney Tough Mudder Training Starts September 3rd

UPDATED: 17th August 2016 Need to get fit for the Sydney Tough Mudder? The Dangerously Fit Tough Mudder training program is 8 weeks of obstacle race conditioning that has been specifically designed to prepare you for the distance, obstacles and terrain you’ll be facing at this years Sydney Tough Mudder race.

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7 Top Survival Tips For The Sydney Tough Mudder

Want to know how to survive the Sydney Tough Mudder? For those of you that have never heard of Tough Mudder … it’s self-proclaimed as “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet”. Only 78% of competitors make it to the finish line… but hopefully with the help of my Survival Guide you’ll be one of the 22%.

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How To Train For Tough Mudder

Imagine this… You’re lying on your belly, crawling through mud under barbed wire in soaking wet clothes – your body is beginning to ache and you can feel your muscles slowly becoming weaker. You’re only half way through the 20 km race and you still have to tackle some of events toughest obstacles, including the monkey bars and famous electric shock therapy.

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