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Spartan Race Training Kicks off August 9th 2016 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney…


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The Spartans were known as some of the toughest warriors in history which is why one of the toughest races in history bears their name. More than 4.5 miles (7 km) of rugged terrain, mud and muck will be the setting for this once in a lifetime obstacle course. There’s no better host for an event this tough than the rugged continent of Australia.

There are several starting points on different dates all throughout the continent of Australia. These races are broken down into a series of events featuring different lengths to be run and more obstacle courses to be conquered. It’s important for you to know your own physical limitations before heading into any of these events.

This isn’t your typical run around the track. These extreme events were designed to remind man of his more primal roots. The terrain is full of hills as well as manmade obstacles to push you to the limits of your physical and mental thresholds.

Spartan Race

Three Levels of Intense Physical Activity

The first level of the 2016 Spartan Races is the Spartan Sprint. This is the ideal race for you if you’d like to find out just how well you’d fare in a marathon. The first two races of the 2016 Season are both sprints. The Spartan Sprint is 4.5 miles (7k) and 15 obstacles and it’s the least challenging of the three. The first race of 2016 will begin in Brisbane March 8th 2016. If you miss your opportunity to compete here, don’t worry. Nearly a month later, another sprint will be run on April 5th in Sydney.

Can you be a Super Spartan

The super Spartan race is the intermediate level of the events but it’s as intense as any marathon in the world. The Super consists of 9 miles (14k) of rugged, unpaved, cross country running. The course is rigged with over 20 obstacles that are designed to push you further than you thought possible. There will only be one chance to compete in the Super Spartan Race which will be run in Perth on July 12th.

The best way to prepare for the super is to run in the Sprint to get a feel for extremely intense off road running. Though the first Super Spartan Race of 2016 will be run on July 12th, there will be another Sprint run the very next day. If you’re really an extreme athlete you should try to compete in both. The 4.5 mile Sprint will make a nice calm down after the ultra-intense Super.

The third sprint of the 2016 season will also be run for the West Coast of Australia in Perth. Anyone planning runs both Perth races will already think they’ve pushed their bodies to the very limits of physical exhaustion and mental anguish would be wrong. The races from Perth were held on separate days but the races return to Brisbane on September 6th for last event of the 2016 Spartan Racing season, the 13.5 mile (21k) Brisbane Beast.

This event will feature not only an insane run through seemingly endless mud and treacherous terrain, but more than 20 insane obstacles that will redefine will power for those who finish. The top three male and female racers will get free admission into the 2016 Spartan races so you’ll want to obliterate the competition.

sr-thumbAre you Extreme Enough

The 21k beast may seem like the ultimate test of the physical and mental boundaries, but there’s one challenge even more extreme than that. There is actually a 2016 Spartan Race Season Pass. This is a task for the true adrenaline junkie because it gives you access to all the events remaining in the 2016 season.

It will take a true warrior to compete in every event of the season and this will be a great opportunity for you to compete in some of the most gruelling races on Earth and earn a few t-shirts that acknowledge your participation. Completing the entire gauntlet of Spartan races will provide you with the strength and will power to conquer any obstacle life ever throws at you.

This is a very unique way to get back to the very essence of our species for a few days out the year and learn how tough you really are. The Sydney Spartan Races are the perfect opportunity to just let go, be primal and compete.

spartan race training

The Spartan Race Sydney is an obstacle race that allows you to test the limits to which you can push yourself and your body. It is also a great way to measure how fit you are and how well equipped your body is to face obstacles and physical hardships. Owing to these various reasons, Spartan races have become extremely popular.

These races are a fun way to test your physical and mental limits. The race course is about three to four miles and is filled with obstacles like mud, barbed wires, hills and Gladiators who try hard to stop you in your tracks. The best part about these races is that the organizers don’t release a race map before the actual race and hence you’re not sure what you’ll be up against.

Spartan Race Training

Training is absolutely essential if you’re planning to take part in any of the races. Without training, it is quite impossible to finish the course. Experts revealed that even a good runner who can run 5 miles in less than 30 minutes make take more than 45 minutes to finish this 3-mile race. For others, it may take over two hours. To equip your body to handle everything thrown at you, you need to train adequately.

However, since you don’t know what physical hurdles you’ll face during the race, it is important that you add certain components to your training programs so that you’re fit to face anything.

Include At Least One Long Run A Week In Your Sydney Spartan Race Training Program

While the race course may seem like a short one, it’s anything but easy. You need to prepare your body in such a way that you can comfortably run at least six miles at a stretch. If you can cover longer distances, all the better. To prepare for this, you should include at least one long run of six miles in your training program per week.

Hill Training Is Very Essential

One of the main purposes your training should serve is getting you accustomed to feeling uncomfortable. The hurdles you face at the Spartan Race pushes your limits and if you’re not comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, it is very likely that you may give up. Hill training can help you a lot. While training, run up steep hills so that your body gets used to coping with strain. Including at least one such routine per week in your Spartan Race Training program.

Build Up The Strength Of Your Upper And Lower Body

During a Spartan race, you may be made to do just about anything ranging from climbing a wall, pull-ups, squats, climb money bars, crawl under barb wires or even carry sandbags across hurdles. This requires immense strength in both your upper and lower body. Therefore, you need to include a lot of push-ups, pull ups, squats and lunges in your training program. This not only increases your body strength but also allows you to finish these exercising quickly so that you can perform better in the race. Also include a lot of plyometric exercises in your training program so that you can easily handle any and all jumping activities you may need to perform during the race.

Addition Tips To Consider In Your Spartan Race Training Routine

No matter how accustomed you are to working out or running long races, an exclusive Spartan Race training program is always essential if you’re planning to take part in any Spartan Race. If you feel you are not motivated enough or don’t have the resources to train, you can always opt for a professional training programs.

Here, professional fitness experts will train and guide you in a way that any Sydney Spartan race will be a walk in the park. Not really!

But the training can help you complete the race with ease. Also, keep a check on your diet to ensure that your body is fit internally as well. Another key component of training for the race is to give your body adequate rest. Take complete rest at least two days in a week so that your body can make adjustments to the training. Rest is very essential during training as it improves your fitness and prevents injuries. However, remember that you should take complete rest for only two days a week and not more than that.

List of Spartan Race Obstacles

10 foot wall with rope
2 foot wall into water pit
Rolling Mud
Monkey Net
Over Through Platform
Horizontal Wall Traverse
Hay Bale Jumps
Spear Throw
Slippery Wall
Barbed Wire Crawl
Wall Jumps
Hawaiian Squats
Tire Drag and Pull
Over Under Through
Rope Climb
Tyrolean Traverse
Fire Jump
Water Walk
Slip and Slide
Underwater Wall
Inverted Wall
Gladiator Pit
Wrist Roller
Stump Balance
Tractor Pull
Hercules Hoist
Water Jug Carry
Sandbag Carry
Dip Walk
Bucket Carry
Cargo Net Up and Across

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