Tough Mudder

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    The Tough Mudder in Australia is one of the toughest physical challenges any man or woman can ever attempt.

    Tough Mudder isn’t a race, it’s an incredible test of will and determination where teams of friends and family members attempt to complete the entire obstacle course.

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    The Tough Mudders Team Challenge
    While Tough Mudder team members aren’t required to run the course together, teamwork and cooperation can go a long way in this competition. Only 78% of those who enter have the mental and physical fortitude to reach the finish line. That’s why no one is timed in the Tough Mudder Australia. The entrant’s aren’t competing against each other, they’re competing against the course and their own will to give in. With such challenging obstacles as the Boa Constrictor and the Dong Dangler, entrants in Tough Mudder will feel like they’ve gone through 6 weeks of boot camp in a few hours.

    tough mudder

    This is the world’s most preeminent series of mud run events, designed by British Special Forces, to test the physical fortitude of the human mind and body. The courses can be up to 12 miles long and they consist of 25 obstacles each. Tough Mudder requires running, swimming, jumping, swinging and climbing into one of the toughest events on the planet. This isn’t like other mud runs where it’s every man for himself. Tough Mudder encourages teams to help each other and even people from other teams. It should be understood that this may be the toughest event on the planet as participants run through rough terrain, over hills and across bodies of water. Tough Mudder would be extreme just as a race, the 25 obstacles are added to separate the best from the rest.

    ToughMudder2If you’re ready to push yourself further than you ever thought you could go, then Tough Mudder is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Are you ready to crawl face down through shallow water underneath a wall of barbed wire? Then you might be tough enough to cross the finish line. One of the best reasons to compete in Tough Mudder Australia is to aid the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Over $5 million has been raised to assist the wounded warrior project in providing combat stress recovery programs, benefits counseling and employment services to men and women in the armed services who have been injured while serving their countries. The chance to go toe to toe with the toughest obstacle course known to man is even sweeter when it also benefits a great cause. There is no better feeling than conquering the Tough Mudder course except for helping a soldier who was injured in the line of duty. The guys and gals fighting to protect our freedom deserve our supports because they the real Tough Mudders.

    toughmudder australia

    The Tough Mudder Australia will take the average person about 3 hours to complete but it will give you a lifetime of great memories of the day you took a trip to the extreme and back. There are water stations along the way that give contestants a chance to refuel. It’s best to run this course at a steady pace that allows the team to stick together. Though an individual can break away from the pack, this course was designed to be run as a team. Using the team mentality to overcome this treacherous terrain will forge unbreakable bonds for a lifetime. That’s the beauty of the Tough Mudders course, it typically takes a concerted team effort to finish. It’s like an army of friends and family, no group too big or too small. Everyone has to give everything they have to see their friends through.

    The will to not disappoint the others is sometimes enough fuel to give you the strength to push harder. Everyone who attempts to defeat the course will have to dig deeper than ever before to find the strength to push not only themselves but their teammates. This is why Tough Mudders is so different, it encourages a team to compete together, not against each other but against a challenging course. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for any group of friends and associates to unite as one and not only challenge the course but help a good cause and build friendships that will last forever.

    List of Tough Mudder Obstacles

    Arctic Enema
    Leap of Faith
    Just the Tip
    Walk the Plank
    Glory Blades
    Mud Mile
    Electro Shock Therapy
    Hangin Tough
    Funky Monkey
    Berlin Wall
    Balls to the Wall
    Underwater Tunnels
    Boa Constrictor
    Ladder to Hell
    Island Hopping
    Trench Warfare
    Log Jammin’
    Dong Dangler
    Cage Crawl
    Hold your Wood
    Electric Eel
    Twinkle Toes
    King of the Mountain
    Kiss of Mud